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The Post Project is a video production company based in Melbourne, Australia. We focus on telling compelling brand narratives, tailored for digital and social platforms.


First and foremost, we help brands to tell their stories. From internal and external communications, to product and promotional clips, to branded content, we work with companies to translate their messages into moving pictures. And we do it with a focus on audience and delivery platform.

We have delivered content in sixteen languages, filmed in ten countries across four continents, and delivered to platforms as diverse as television, cinema, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as native sites and apps.

We understand how needs and outcomes can change based on who you’re talking to and where you interact with your audience.


Great video doesn’t need to cost a fortune, and it doesn’t always need a dozen people on set and three vans full of equipment. The Post Project is anchored by a tight core team with backgrounds encompassing film, television, post-production, advertising, marketing, and journalism. And we’ve got relationships with the best technical and creative professionals in Australia, so we can always put together the right team for every job.

By avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach, we’re able to work with everyone from local artisans to global brands, and ensure that the money our clients spend goes onscreen.