Little Creatures – Where It All Began

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Recently, the Little Creatures Brewing team asked The Post Project to help tell the story of one of Australia’s most iconic beers.
We combined our appreciation for Pale Ale and the character of Creatures’ Fremantle home with one of our favourite storytelling devices: the oral history.
Simply put, the strength of Pale Ale is that people from all across the spectrum have participated in the journey. From current and former Creatures employees, to other industry professionals and long-term craft beer enthusiasts, there’s a whole community that has helped Little Creatures grow into one of Australia’s most vibrant breweries. By harnessing these voices and marrying them with images from a day in the life of Fremantle, we tried to capture the spirit of Pale Ale, where the whole journey started.
We really enjoyed making this, and hope that you enjoy watching it just as much.