Sneaker Freaker: Reebok Pump Fury

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“Do you want to go to China and Portland to talk to two of the world’s most renowned sneaker designers to talk about how they dropped a bomb on the shoe industry?”

And with that, the guys at Sneaker Freaker gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse.

It’s interesting. The reason that it’s worth talking about the 20th anniversary of Reebok’s Instapump Fury is that it is still such a radical concept today. We knew that telling this story correctly meant steering clear of the congratulatory pat on the back. We knew we had to try to capture the sometimes-harrowing, sometimes-elated spirit of real innovation, and make it immediate.

But really, when you’ve got a chance to delve into the minds of guys like Paul Litchfield and Steve Smith, your biggest job is to just get the hell out of the way and make sure the camera and sound are rolling.

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